About Us

A Passion to Inspire and Support

Our Mission

To inspire and support the success of your business with unique, elegant workspaces, personalized service, and a strong professional community.

At Versa, we firmly believe that environment influences outcome and outcome then influences environment. By providing the best coworking space in Columbus, we aim to enable our members’ best work every day and hope their success will drive the success of Columbus.

Our Story

Founded by two local entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio, we are a proudly homegrown company.

We built Versa on a foundation of passion and expertise for finding, outfitting, and offering the best coworking space in Columbus. Since then, we’ve been in perpetual pursuit of new and innovative ways to elevate the work experience of our members, contribute to the growth of their businesses, and give back to the community we call home.

What Our Members Say

A few of our members sat down recently to share what attracted them to Versa and why it has proven to be the right fit for them.

Meet the Team

April Zimmerman Katz


Focused on hospitality and dedicated to creating a strong company culture, April is committed to making Versa a desirable workplace for everyone. Her expertise and extensive membership-based business and leadership experience continue to fuel Versa’s growth.

Kyle Katz


Kyle has been in real estate investment, development, and management since founding Katz Development, in 1988. His award-winning, design-centric renovations are influenced by three decades in local real estate, community organizing, the arts, and philanthropy. 

Jennifer Dinga

Member Experience Curator

Jennifer uses her wit, creativity, and fabulous taste to add brightness to our Members’ day-to-day experience. She continually introduces new versions of Versa to our members through creative cocktail hours, day-fueling breakfast bars, smoothie surprises, and more.

Michael Taggart

General Manager

Michael is a maestro of sorts, coordinating all efforts to make Versa a welcoming space every single day. When it comes to ensuring a comfortable and productive space to work, he sweats the details so that members can have a superb and reliable experience.

Gabby Jones

Events and Sales Coordinator

Gabby oversees our members’ event and office needs. She excels in providing excellent, personalized experiences. If you’re looking for office space, she is also your liaison to help you find the perfect solution for you.

Raymond Cole

Facilities Director

Also known as Versa’s Superman, Raymond works tirelessly to ensure our members and guests have everything they need and more. He helps keep Versa working and beautiful, leveraging his 40 years of experience.

Dan Huddleston

Maintenance Supervisor

With more than 40 years of maintenance experience, Dan is a master at everything utility-related. He keeps Versa running with constant maintenance and thorough preventative work.

Inspired spaces and dedicated support for better work.

Versa is a hospitality-centric co-working environment in Columbus, Ohio. Our light-filled 37,000 sqft facility is home to more than 60 companies across a variety of industries and stages. We can’t wait to show you around.


We designed each detail of our eclectic space with members and guests in mind. The result is inviting, professional workspaces with best-in-class amenities to support your success.


We coordinate, we connect, we remove barriers so you can focus on your business. Our entire team works to create the ideal environment for each member and guest.


We believe businesses have a responsibility to give back to their community and be drivers of impactful change. That’s why we work tirelessly to be a catalyst for positive growth, in our space and in our city.

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